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Jan Pers is situated 160 km from Stockholm close to Norberg and Avesta in a small village cold Olsbenning.

1991, the first Icelandic Horse entered the farm and now twenty years later there is approximately 25 horses on the farm. Jan Pers is not a big farm, only one to three foals are born every year and the main goal with the breading is to produce good horses with a high ridability and of course a god temper.

The young horses are living outside together in a heard until it is time to start their training as a riding horse. That is done in the autumn when they are three years old but there is not until the spring when they are four years as the real training starts. Depending on the horse, it will go out for sale or it will be kept as a riding- or a breading horse. However, lately the horses have been sold as foals. This year two foals were born, Haffi and Grimsi, and Grimsi is already sold. Three mares are pregnant this year and the stallions that have been used are Kórall från Jan Pers, Sáfir från Knutshyttan and Keilir fra Midsitju.

This autumn three horses are going to be started. The stallion Kórall and two mares Corona and Freydis. Kórall is holebrother to Thengill från Jan Pers. Corona and Freydis are both out of Sáfir from Knutshyttan.

For further information regarding the horses or the farm don’t hesitate to contact

Anna-Karin Collin

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Thengill från Jan Pers as a foal.